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Parkinson Building Group attends the Southern Living Design Summit

Author: Connie Wagner | 03/08/16 | Press
Parkinson Building Group was honored and excited to be a part of the Southern Living Design Summit in Birmingham, Alabama the last weekend of the February.  This being our first year in the program it was an eye opening experience to get to collaborate with this tight knit group of professionals to discuss all that is happening in the world of building trends and new products for homes here in the south.  We are looking forward to a long term involvement with this organization and will be bringing out several Southern Living inspired projects this year.  Stay tuned as we will be announcing our first Southern Living Project which will begin construction this spring in the new garden subdivision called The Stables located in Waterview.

Merry Christmas

Author: Connie Wagner | 12/23/15 | Social

May the timeless message of Christmas fill your heart and home with joy now and throughout the coming year.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


At Home in Arkansas (November Issue)

Author: Connie Wagner | 11/18/15 | Press

Have you seen the November issue of At Home in Arkansas?  If you haven’t, please pick up a copy today.  Thanks to you we are highlighted in the “Your Guide to HOMEBUILDING” article.  We are honored and appreciative to have been voted as one of the premier Little Rock builders again this year.


The Farmhouse Facelift

Author: Connie Wagner | 10/12/15 | Social

As recently discussed in this article from Zillow, we are seeing the revival of the modern farmhouse.

Some things never go out of style. Farmhouses are among America’s oldest homes and the style remains one of the most versatile, whether you love downhome comfort or modern design.

Farmhouses for Sale

You don’t have to visit the land of tractors to feel the warmth of a stone hearth. From Granville, OH to Brooklyn, NY, actual farmhouses and gorgeous replicas are hitting the market across the country.


 Life on the Farm

When he’s not molding clay, Christopher Spitzmiller enjoys restoring 300-year-old farmhouses. Architectural Digest documented the 5-year renovation of Clove Brook Farm.


Farmhouse Style

Classic farmhouse style has gotten more popular with eclectic twists and contemporary adaptations. The kitchen is a great place to add timeless elements like butcher-block countertops and an apron sink.

 Exposed beams

Typical farmhouse kitchens combine several unique finishes.  Exposed beams are one classic detail that adds texture.  While they are generally part of the foundation of your house, exposed beams radiate Southern charm by contributing a rustic, woodsy look.  Beams also create more visual height, especially in crowded spaces like the kitchen.

If your home wasn’t blessed with this type of bone structure, you can always give us a call about a faux beam solution.

The Contractor Crunch

Author: Connie Wagner | 09/25/15 | Social
In a recent article put out by Citibank's Investment Research team Will Randow points out what we have been feeling for the last 12 months and continue to feel the increasing pressure of each day in our residential building industry, there is a labor shortage in the construction industry! 

Let me give you a few bullet points from his article:           

  • While nonfarm wage inflation has risen +25% since 2006 the construction industry has remained mixed with many trades wages close to flat over the last 10 years.
  • The labor shortage in the industry is real .
  • In order to increase the number of workers in the industry there will have to be wage increases.
  • There is an estimated 30% increase in the current work force nationally that will be needed to get us back to the mid-cycle starting level of single family housing starts of 1.1M from the current level of 700K annually.
What does this mean for the construction industry, squeezed margins and pricing increases are on the horizon.  These increases for our subcontractor base continue due to the fact that they are faced with more work than they can handle and not enough qualified people to hire to handle the increasing load.  Each day presents itself with new opportunities and challenges, we will work through this challenge like we have all others in the past but it will be a bumpy ride during this growth phase for the construction work force.

Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Author: Christian Free | 07/10/15 | Social
  Another Plan Coming Together!
 In the next week we will be bringing another
  beautiful custom home to closing!  With just
  a few last landscaping to-do’s we are coming
  to lush light at the end of the tunnel.  An
  enormous thank you to the Showalters for a
  fun and rewarding build! 

Back By Popular Demand!

Author: Christian Free | 07/02/15 | Press
Parkinson Building Group was honored to be a part of a the
Fall/Winter 2014 addition of Country French magazine.
Having two of our homes featured in a national magazine was
exciting for our team. We were shocked to see that there had
been such a request for additional information on the homes
featured that they chose to run it again this year as their
Spring/Summer edition for everyone who may have missed it.
I hope you have had a chance to see it, if not it is on stands now.

Author: Christian Free | 07/02/15 |

Author: Christian Free | 07/02/15 |

Author: Christian Free | 07/02/15 |