Our Homebuilding Process

Parkinson Building Group created a straightforward homebuilding process designed to make our customers feel comfortable and in control. We created our four step process to ensure each customer has control over their entire build. Above all, we want our customers to feel confident that they have made the correct choice in home builders. 

Let Us Build Your Dream  Home

When we meet with prospective customers, we believe it is important to first lay out their goals during the homebuilding process. Building a custom home can be a daunting task and it is our goal to identify what is most important to our clients and prioritize accordingly. We strive to answer any questions in our first meeting and we help guide decision making to ensure each new build is a good investment for all of our customers.

Custom home building can be a challenging endeavor for anyone but we believe the reward is worth it.  As a result, our service-oriented team is here to help you build your new home and guide you through  every step of the journey.

Making Decisions that Matter

When we have identified the goals of our new customer we start by connecting them with an architect to help them put their ideas on paper. Just as each home is unique, each architect has unique styles they will incorporate into their design. We believe that connecting a customer with a top-notch architect that fits their style can make a huge difference in anyone's decision to build a home.

Some prospective clients present us with plans at our first meeting. By compiling numbers from all of our old projects, Parkinson Building Group has created a proprietary estimation software that is used to give a rough estimate of build cost. This is the perfect way to check that the project fits, roughly, inside the clients budget before proceeding to the next step of the build, the True Cost Proposal.

The True Cost Proposal

When the customer agrees to the rough estimate from our proprietary estimation software, we move forward to our True Cost Proposal. Through this process we ensure that all of our customers have the information they need to understand all the costs involved in their build. This process gives a detailed proposal for all the labor and materials for every aspect of a new home. Many builders make generalizations and estimates about cost without consulting with their subcontractors. Anything but exact bids can be devastating to any budget with the constant changes in cost for labor and materials, . We believe it is imperative to get current bids for each unique, custom home to ensure our customers can budget accordingly

The Build Begins...

Once the customer has approved the proposal we design a personalized plan to guide them through the build. The plan includes the important final decisions that are involved in each step of the new home building process. This plan will be managed by the experienced project manager assigned to each new home. The project manager will collaborate with the new home owner to ensure each decision is re-evaluated and finalized during each step of the building process.

Through years of hard work and unrivaled passion we have built incredible custom homes all over Little Rock. We believe that it is our duty to ensure that our customer's homes are exactly what they imagined and more.

Let Us Build Your New Home!

We would love to partner with you on your new construction! Contact us now and we can help you plan, design, and build your new home. Our service-oriented staff is committed to giving you the best experience possible.

Not sure where to start?  We help guide our customers through every step of the process!


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