Timeless French Country Home in Little Rock

This gorgeous French Country home is a timeless work that we just love. The warmer colors and rustic finishes give it an antiquated look and feel. This home was designed by Mitchell Residential Designs and decorated by Mona Thompson of Providence Designs both located in Little Rock, AR. The home was the fifth custom home built by the owners and was designed top-to-bottom to perfectly fit this family. 

French Country Homes Around the World

French Country homes are often described as being ornate but rustic, they were born in a region in France called Provence. Traditional French homes contain elegant and often over-the-top decor and finishes that create a regal feeling. The French Country style takes those homes, relaxes and distresses them, and creates an entirely new design that is homey and welcoming. This home is just that. 

As with many of the designs featured in our gallery, French Country melds two unique styles together. It pays tribute to the elaborate molding, paneling and decor of the traditional French style and merges it with a country aesthetic. The bright, shiny fixtures are replaced with natural wood and metal with a light patina for a distressed look.

The exterior of French Country homes show strong symmetry and broad hipped roofs. The doors and windows typically have an arched header that gives a more relaxed feel. The second story windows are often tall and break through the cornice into the roof. This draws your eyes up into these stately homes.

Finally, the colors of these homes can vary wildly but typically are on the warmer side. In fact, no color is off limits in these French Country homes, red, yellow, blue, and green are not uncommon and often help to separate different areas of the home. Ultimately, the colors all demonstrate that warm, inviting feeling of this style. 

If we could describe French Country homes in as few words as possible it would be “subdued elegance”.

French Country Home in West Little Rock

This home is another from the picturesque Waterview neighborhood that overlooks Lake Maumelle. Mona Thompson decorated this home with the perfect French Country furniture and finishings. The natural wood that is found in much of the decor and the distressed metal furniture are just a few examples of this home’s tribute to the style. 

The exterior of the home was finished in a tan colored brick with a slurry coating that gave it a worn look. The second story windows burst through the cornice and draw your attention upward to the facade of this beautiful home. On the top you will see two finials that are common on top of French homes.

Immediately inside the home you will notice the warm colors and elaborate metalwork. The flooring is a stained concrete with geometric lines. 

The archways seen outside the home are continued on the interior. The continuation of common elements throughout the home ties everything together subliminally. 

The lighting in this home is mostly antique ironwork that gives the illusion of candle light which is a great touch. 

The exposed beams and interior brick brick the outside in which was a big personal touch by the owners. 

The owner of this home said, "If we could do it all over again, the only thing we would change is more outdoor living space." They have enjoyed the patio and outdoor area so much and wish it was twice the size!

This home is a timeless classic. It’s different from the bright and airy styles that are so prevalent today and leans more toward the warm and comfy. Definitely still one of Parkinson Building Group’s favorites. If you are interested in building a home, custom or spec, we encourage you to message us. We will help guide you through the process as we do with all our builds. 

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